Sunday, 9 October 2016

Some work in progress and other animals

A long delay since the last post, a number of factors contributed to this, but no excuses, better late than never?

I decided to post a couple of work in progress figures, Firstly are two household cavalrymen made mostly from Helmet parts, the arms however, are from Historex spares. As the owner of Helmet I feel that I should be honest with my views on the products, so here goes..... Most of the mounted figures once built and painted look good enough, some are excellent, the arms are, I think, a weak point as they are a bit short and weedy. The second potential downside is the sheer effort need to make the kits, each of these chaps took over 40 "glueings"to complete; and superglue seems to stick where not wanted and not stick where required. The belts are cut from the metal foil from red wine bottles, which can be fiddly to get right. The end results are I think worth the effort, see painted figure to the left, although slow to achieve...... I guess you take your choice.

The French Chasseur is a metal model on a horse made from some sort of resin, they are available in the UK from a chain called The Works at the crazy price of £1! Therefore I was unable to resist. The choice is limited and they need a bit of work - get it(?) hence the greenstuff and pipe cleaner additions, but at one pound each...... I'll post pictures once these have been painted.

Lastly are two pictures of completed models, the colonel and colour party from my one and only completed regiment, although this runs to nearly 150 figures.

If you do read these postings, please leave a message so we can start a conversation.

Thanks, more later.



  1. Hi Eric - I popped into my local branch of The Works after reading your post but I couldn't find those figures. Which other ones do they have (or not have, as the case may be!)?

  2. Bill,
    Thanks as ever for making contact. I will check my local branch later today to see if they are still available. They are sometimes on Ebay with the brand name "Eaglemoss" I have seen a Russian hussar and lancer officer and a model of Murat in one of his Halloween fancy dresses, I'll let you know. Eric

    1. Just done a quick Google for "Eaglemoss" - they seem to do those 4 cavalry you mentioned and also foot figures of French, Russian & Austrian grenadiers, Russian Cossacks, Russian infantry, dismounted French cuirassiers, command figures etc.- the company website doesn't seem to list any of these so maybe they're out of production now?

    2. Thanks Bill, my local branch of The Works had all four cavalry figures yesterday, three types in short supply but fine if you want a squadron of Murats! I've seen the foot figures you mention and recall they are in mostly static poses?

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