Saturday, 1 July 2017

Lancers Completed

A number of domestic issues have meant that progress has been slow of late, however I have at last managed to complete the squadron of French line lancers started some while back. These are from the 5th Regiment with interesting light blue facings, they are all from adapted Helmet kits with a variety of horses most of which are Ebay purchases.
I did a fair amount of research on this arm of service, and as is often the case, the resulting evidence is confusing - to me at least. Most sources suggest that the second rank were armed with sabre and carbine, not with a lance. This seems to be based on the reasoning that a lance is pretty much useless in a melee, so the second rank would support their lance carrying colleagues, This makes some sense I think, but I cannot understand how such a regiment would manoeuvre on the battlefield or move about in column of route. So I have compromised with the elite company all have lances while the remainder of the company are "half and half." Ant thoughts gratefully received.

The final picture shows work in progress on a French general of heavy cavalry and his ADC. These are from a variety of bits and pieces including Historex and Helmet kits and metal heads and one sword picked up at toy soldier shows.

Thanks if you have read this, please feel free to leave a comment, next up some Italeri hussars.