Thursday, 13 April 2017

More French

I took advantage of some warm spring sunshine yesterday and took some pictures in the garden. Firstly a company of Old Guard Grenadiers marching in greatcoats, they are all Hat figures with Airfix heads apart from the officer who is metal from Tradition. These were fairly simple conversions and happily used up most of the marching bodies left over from the Young Guards painted earlier.

Working on the basis that you can never have too many Guard units, actually I think you can, I have also started a company of Grenadiers in campaign dress with Airfix heads on mostly Hat bodies. I really like this version of their uniform, but am currently concentrating on French cavalry, hence the final two pictures, an officer of Chasseurs a Cheval and the beginning of a unit of line lancers.

I try to pick up a many items as cheaply as possible from Ebay, so I can use a variety of horses, some like me getting very old, and odd figures that might be a bit bashed about but still have another life ahead (ha ha in the case of the Airfix Guards) of them.

More French next time.

We have also completed the barn for the La It Aint farm, the title keeps changing, with around 3,000 roof tiles it did become a labour of hate, so I'll put some pictures up soon(ish).

Thanks for getting this far, and do feel free to say hello or something!