Friday, 28 October 2016

Some French French and others.

Hello, it's me again. Just a few progress pictures this time. First up are two photo's of some figures I picked up at the Plastic Warrior Show a couple of years back, and have just got round to finishing them. They are Marins of the Garde. They are, I think quite attractive models and I was only able to get theses four marins, although I also obtained various others from the same manufacturer; mostly staff officer types and some dismounted Chasseurs a Cheval of the Garde. There were some really nice eagle bearers but I missed out on those - he who hesitates misses out (on those.) The bases are marked "BEVERLY" and I wonder if they are some sort of product related give-away? Whatever, they are a real bonus in depicting this unit in  plastic for the first time?

Next the first part of a squadron of Carabiniers. I really like this striking uniform and the pouch belts are great fun to paint...........

Finally some British Hussars comprising an officer and trooper - work in progress - and a completed trooper, another painting challenge for my poor old eyes.

Once again, if you are out there reading this stuff please feel free to say hello - or something.

More soon, thanks and stay safe.



  1. Hi Eric
    Those marines are cracking figures - did they come unpainted when you bought them? More information about Beverley figures here:

  2. Yes Bill, they came unpainted, I really wish there were some more available, thanks for the link I'll check it out.