Saturday, 4 March 2017

Painting Update, French and British

A selection of pictures this time: Photo's 1 and 2 1st Cuirassiers, 1st Squadron who apart form the trumpeter are conversions of CTS Mexicans with Italeri dragoon heads and greenstuff additions. I have just started on the 2nd Squadron, but they take an age to complete.

Photo 3 are the completed Young Guards shown unpainted last time, two companies are now finished.

Photo 4, the start of a squadron of British 15th Hussars, with photo 5 being a close-up of the officer. They look sort of pretty when complete, but take ages to paint.

And photo 5 shows the start of a squadron of Chasseurs a Cheval of the Garde, I need to do more in the uniform actually worn at Waterloo, but quite like this earlier version wearing the pelisse.

I'm working on a set of rules that are based around each unit starting with a score of, say, 100 points and adding and subtracting based on various factors, for example, plus points for advancing, presence of senior officers etc., and minus points for such things as attacked in flank, receiving devastating incoming fire. I'm keen to avoid removal of casualties and too much accounting, with large numbers of figures and only two players I don't want the game to bog down, so hopefully this will encourage movement and manoeuvre, adding to playability(?)

More on that later, in the meantime, the usual request for feedback and comments, just drop by and say "hello".