Friday, 3 February 2017

More Work in Progress

Some rather bad pictures (apologies) of some British Lifeguards and Voltigeurs of the Garde.

The Household Cavalry come from the HELMET range, They were quite time consuming to make, as sadly is the case with mounted kits, but I eventually was fairly happy with the result. They will eventually comprise two squadrons,36 figures, and form part of the Household Brigade - much yet to be done.

The Voltigeurs are from HAT and are still very much work in progress, there will be two companies, 46 figures plus a standard bearer (no eagle) and a mounted officer, HAT head, HELMET body; legs and bits and pieces, with Historex arms. (All H's together) and a stack of Greenstuff. Next up for the French will be a company of Garde Grenadiers using the marching figures from the HAT Elites in Greatcoats pack, and Airfix heads. Hopefully some (better) photos when work is under way.

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