Thursday, 21 December 2017

French Cavalry Brigade Parade

The complete "Brigade", so far..........

HELMET cuirassiers
Fusilier conversations

So, I took some photos indoors this morning. Usually I take the pictures in the front garden, but it was cold and grey earlier so chose to stay inside. This gives you some insight as to the charming domesticity of our Surrey kitchen with many items of distressed kitchenalia on display. Enjoy!

The first  three pictures are of the work completed to date on the French Heavy Cavalry "Brigade", Dragoons, Cuirassiers and Caribiniers, They are mostly Italeri and Helmet figures with horses from them and a number of other manufacturers. There are loads of conversions of men, to extend the somewhat limited Italeri poses, and horses, again to produce more variety.  I have featured the latest unit to be finished, the first squadron of the 20th Dragoons, one more squadron to complete the "regiment". There are 109 figures so far, but enough I think, to make a reasonable impression.

I bought some of the new Expeditionary Force models from Steve Weston, and the fourth picture is a size comparison with two Ex Force Fusiliers with a couple of converted figures, Italeri and HaT.  They are a good size match, I was fearful that they would be 60mm, but well detailed as they are, they are not inexpensive; so I won't be fielding hundreds, their manufacture is great news for Napoleonic fans though!

I thought people might be interested on seeing some work in progress conversions, so the following two pictures show CTS and BMC Mexicans undergoing that process. The heads are from Helmet and there are some metal and Greenstuff additions, the BMC figure had had leg extensions. I cheated with the shako covers and buttons which are built up with thick paint.

Finally two photos of the most recent sub-project which is Foot Chasseurs of the Old Guard. They are from HaT with Airfix heads. The bearskin bonnets have had the Chasseur distinctions added with Greenstuff.

That's it for this year. Thanks to everyone who reads this nonsense, and a Happy Christmas and Great New Year to you all. 2018 should witness all this coming together with the actual wargame.....
As usual comments or questions positive or negative are welcome.




  1. A wonderful display Eric.... stunning painting and converting. Useful to see an X-force comparison as I am thinking of getting some of their US marines. Compliments of the Season to you.

    1. Many thanks Mike, and Seasons Greetings to you and yours.

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  2. Nice - but are they advancing or retreating? Just askin’......

  3. Hi Eric- great stuff as usual. Have a great festive season - looking forward to what you've got planned for the new year!