Saturday, 16 April 2016

Background to the project

So the 200th anniversary of the great Battle of Waterloo has come and gone and in typical style my project will be at least a year late.
The idea, inspired by a trip to the battlefield just after Easter last year, is to stage a 54mm Waterloo wargame in my front garden during the coming summer.
Now, I cannot accommodate the complete battlefield or a representation of all the participating units, indeed some toy solders will represent regiments that were not actually present, although others will be correct for the campaign. The plan is to have an area centered on the elm tree crossroads with a small La Haye Sainte and the main Brussels road laid out. I hope to have around 1,000 painted figures for Wellington's and Napoleon's armies, no Prussians as yet but perhaps they'll come along in 2017? Most of the figures will be plastic with a very few metal models (not literally) thrown in.

Our son will play the Corsican Ogre whilst I shall fulfil the role of The Peer.

Hopefully I'll post more soon with some information soon the emerging orders of battle and some more pictures.

Hope this is of interest,


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