Sunday, 26 May 2019

An old, old project revisited

As the title shows, this little diversion started quite a few years back and as it seems I'm still suffering mass uniform painting aversion syndrome following the Waterloo extravaganza, the time seemed ripe to reawaken it.
Basically the aim of the first phase is to produce a "company" of Polish Winged Hussars as part of the relief force for the siege of  Vienna 1683. This will comprise 20 hussars, an officer, trumpeter and standard bearer that will form up in three ranks with the rear rank comprising the less well equipped "retainers".
Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves, but comprise drastic alterations to what mostly start out as Britain's knights with various (and time consuming) additions.
If people are interested I can run through the process in future blogs, please leave a comment and let me know.
They have yet to have their bases completed
Close-up view
Progress so far


  1. Awesome!!! Of course we want to know how they were made.

  2. They look superb (as always) - are these the ones with each feather cut from business cards?

  3. Thanks for your comments Brian and Mike. Yes I'll do a "how to" and yes the feathers are cut from old business cards.