Friday, 31 August 2018

..........the sky darkened.............

                              The Union Brigade moves up in support of the light cavalry

                         French lancers bear down on the doomed riflemen left as rearguard

                                Riflemen re-establish themselves in and around the sandpit

                                            Guard cavalry starts to threaten the Allied left.

Crunch time! The Allied light brigade crashes into the French cavalry, both sides have more horsemen in support.

The feeling is that the last act is about to begin.

More soon, thanks for looking.



Thursday, 30 August 2018

................but in the afternnon the clouds rolled in............

                         French light infantry prepare to assault the under-manned orchard

Bur their line colleagues at the barricade are repulsed after bitter hand-to-hand fighting. The fire of the 95th and KGL in the farm was relatively ineffective, but somewhat surprisingly the 95th proved unbeatable with rifle butts and bayonets!

However, brushing aside the light resistance the French light troops fight their way into the courtyard.

 The mass of French cavalry on the right begin to move forward, dragoons cuirassiers and hussars head for the Allied ridge while lancers and guard heavy horsemen manoeuvre towards the road.

                     Riflemen spill out of La Haye and head in the direction of the sandpit.

I'm finding the tension almost unbearable and I was there. See how the drama continues tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.


Wednesday, 29 August 2018

......Including lunch.....

This is the main Allied light cavalry force on the extreme left of the line, British light dragoons and hussars and Kings German Legion light dragoons.

The French infantry have reached the barricade, having taken rifle and roundshot fire on the way in.

Meanwhile more French foot have deployed to the rear of the farm preparatory to an assault. Behind them hussars and dragoons are preparing to charge a squadron of Allied light cavalry. The two objects in the far background are the legs of a curious neighbour who dropped in to see what on earth was happening in his street. He stayed for over an hour, and seems OK!

A weak squadron has moved next to the sandpit hopefully able to catch French infantry in column. In the background the French and Allied cavalry have engaged.

More soon.


Monday, 27 August 2018

....That lasted all day.......

Here it La Haye It'aint with a garrison from the Kings German Legion, to the right is one of two barricades and the sandpit all manned by elements of the 95th Rifles. Beyond is the Elm Tree Crossroads and the Allied lines.

A shot taken behind the Union Brigade on the left of the ridge. The three guns positioned here managed fire effectively most of the day, steadily inflicting casualties on the advancing French infantry columns. Allied infantry remained stationary for most of the day. General Ponsonby and his ADC is seen in front of the Greys.


French infantry press forward along and beside the road while another column begins a manoeuvre intended to encircle the farm. Hussars and dragoons are in support. The KGL and 95th respond with particularly ineffective long range rifle fire.

Vanity Fare here, The Corsican Ogre takes a break while the Iron Duke remains aloof.

Taking fire from the orchard, the buildings and the barricade the French column will shortly be in contact......................

More later...


Sunday, 26 August 2018

....We managed a Wargame

Firstly many thanks to those who commented so positively to the previous blog. Now we can move on and start to show the action as it unfolded on the day.

This is the French left, artillery, with hussars and dragoons in the middle distance and large infantry columns advancing in the background. True to form the French tactics pretty much reflected what happened in 1815.

Here is the rear of the Old Guard column which had line infantry to the left and a Young Guard unit to the right.

Here is another shot of the French left with the infantry marching past La Dell Appliance supported by elements of the Cavalry of the Guard.

Meanwhile on the Allied "ridge" the infantry had deployed in traditional line formation. Here is General Picton and his ADC, Scots infantry to the fore with the Union Brigade waiting in reserve.

Just for information the Allies were outnumbered in both infantry and cavalry although there was parity in artillery. The gap numbers was not hug but significant enough to dictate the tactics used on the day, so as per the film "Wellington has nailed himself to his ridge"

More soon, that means tomorrow.

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Saturday, 25 August 2018

And finally.....................

Well it happened, yesterday we fought the Battle of Waterloo, our somewhat truncated version anyway. The previous day brought rain in a serendipitous authentic manner, so we spent the afternoon gluing the models to their movement bases and other preparation activities. Yesterday dawned bright and clear, although the clouds did threaten from time to time, more of that later.

A view of the field with the Elm Tree Crossroads, sandpit, La Haye It'aint and La Dell Appliance nearest the camera mysteriously appearing having travelled through time and space from Getttysburg.

An early view of French infantry advancing, we were sort of fortunate that the parched nature of what was once a lawn (now mostly moss) and the fallen pine needles from a neighbours' tree combined to look a bit like cereal crops as per the actual field.

This is the French right wing masses of cavalry with infantry columns in the background.

A close-up of the cuirassiers forever charging at full pelt, dragoons following with light cavalry, hussars and lancers further along the line.

More pictures and a description of how the action panned out, followed by a brief overview of the rules we used and lessons learned later.

Comments, criticisms or anything else, welcomed. Thanks for looking.



Monday, 6 August 2018

Some Allied Cavalry

                                         15th Hussar squadron completed -at last!

                                         Brunswick hussars well underway - 4 men needed

A long gap since the last post, and have managed to make some progress, as shown in the pictures above. The game will probably take place about two weeks from now, however the hot weather has disrupted my plans insofar as some hoped for units will either not be present, or be understrength. Having said that, there should be around 1300 figures available.

I can only paint in 15 minute slots at present due to the temperature 32 c, and the two angle poise lamps adding to the heat, last week the paint was literally drying on the brushes as I worked. Apparently the weather is due to cool down by the end of the week, so I should be able to catch up a bit.

As ever, comments criticism and encouragement welcome.