Sunday 15 October 2017

French 1st Hussars and Staff Officers

French 1st Hussars, the complete "regiment"
The colonel leads from the front
Eagle and escort
Heavy Cavalry General and ADC.
 This is only the second cavalry regiment now completed. They are mostly Italeri with trumpeters and the NCO holding his carbine from HELMET Soldiers. Many of the figures have their arms or wrists swivelled to add variety. The elite company have Andrea metal heads but I modified them with Greenstuff as the colpacks seemed under-sized. The officers horses are mostly from the British Light Dragoon set, slightly modified, while the colonel rides a Hat Roman horse with a Historex leopard skin saddle.

These made an appearance at the (fairly) recent Leipzig Lawn Wargame where their performance was...........pathetic! During the Emperors' enquiry following the disaster; the facts that they did not fight as a complete regiment and their eagle was not present were offered up as reasons (excuses.)  It will be interesting to see how well they do against British opponents.

The last picture shows the Heavy Cavalry brigade commander and his ADC that appeared few blogs ago, now painted.

A few more French cavalry to finish then back to the infantry and artillery.

Thanks for looking, any comments welcome.